Tickets On-Sale May 12th at 11:00AM

Harvest Friends,

As you know, due to what they have described as unprecedented ‎demand on their servers, etixnow’s system crashed at 11:00AM this morning.

We are very disappointed, and apologize to our amazing patrons for this inconvenience.

Once it became clear that etixnow was not going to be able to address its challenges in a short time frame, we made the decision to shut down sales for the day. Etixnow is working hard to make corrections, test and retest as we prepare to relaunch sales at 11:00AM Atlantic tomorrow.

All tickets and passes will be available for purchase at this time. We felt this was the fairest way to proceed for you, our customers.

We can’t thank our faithful patrons enough for your excitement and loyalty. The 27th annual Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival is going to be one for the books!!