Amanda Jackson Band

Artist Description

Adult Alternative/Acoustic Blues

Charlottetown, PEI

The Amanda Jackson Band is all about connecting — with their lyrics, their audience, the planet and with each other. Whether it’s an upbeat song about living life to the fullest or a thoughtful and reflective song inspired by events around them, Amanda’s voice and the band’s accompaniment makes audiences feel connected, putting them right in the middle of the song.

Comprised of Amanda Jackson (vocals), Dale McKie (guitar, harmonica), Todd MacLean (guitar, piano, sax), Jon Rehder (bass) and Reggie Ballagh (percussion), the Amanda Jackson Band creates an intimate listening experience that leaves the audience feeling as if they have had the chance to peer into the soul of the band.

Amanda’s powerful voice highlights the vulnerability of their lyrics, adding to the honesty of the story-telling. Their original songs get to the core of the human experience with a strong emphasis on social awareness and what makes us human.

In February 2016 they released their first album, Live at Harmony House, and are currently wrapping up their first studio album for release in July 2017.


Date Venue Time Sponsor Show Bio Tickets
Sat 16 Sept Cox and Palmer Blues Court 7:30pm Valley Graphics Learn More Buy Tickets