Brookside Mall

Artist Description

Pop/Rock, Indie

Fredericton, NB

Steeped in clouded nostalgia, open wounds and a weighty, permanent what-if, Brookside Mall’s six song sophomore effort, Preservation, was released April 14 via Front Porch Records. Gently defiant and grievously plainspoken, Preservation’s nervous pangs and vulnerable inflections are an elegy for the in-between: Though its serpentine delivery is still marred by loss and naiveté, this album clutches at acceptance rather than longing for absolution. Detachedly surveying its surroundings, for instance, the title track divines “now I’m just one of the guys to you / wear this kind of disguise for you.” Teeming with raw melodies that have ossified with time and distance, Preservation is anthemic (Garden), maudlin (Technicolour) and disaffected (Spring). The album also includes a shiny, searing rendition of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone’s “Natural Light.” Predicated upon poignant, precise lyricality, thundering rhythm and vaporous synth textures, Brookside Mall melds soul and airy dream pop behind a wall of shoegaze minimalism.


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Sat 16 Sept Toyota Barracks Tent 8:00pm Sailor Jerry Learn More Buy Tickets