Artist Description

Although he’s a Maple Blues Awards winner who now lives in Canada, David Vest is an authentic, Southern-bred boogie-woogie piano player, blues shouter and world-class entertainer. Born in Huntsville, Alabama in 1943, David grew up in Birmingham near Tuxedo Junction. It’s easy to understand why blues history courses through Vest’s veins, who opened for Roy Orbison on New Year’s Day 1962, went on to jam with Ace Cannon, Bill Black’s Combo, and the Jimmy Dorsey Band, as well as share the stage with Big Joe Turner.

Unlike Vest’s previous Canadian albums, which were recorded in Toronto, his upcoming self-titled release was recorded on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The project reunites Vest with his old friend Peter Dammann, Chicago-born guitarist from the Paul deLay Band and a member of the Oregon Music Hall Of Fame. Blues fans will recognize the name of drummer and co-producer Billy Hicks from his days with Powder Blues, but the inspired playing of Ryan Tandy on upright bass will be a revelation, dubbed by Vest as “my secret weapon.” Winnipeg native Tom Bowler, David’s regular guitarist, rounds out the band. The album was recorded live-off-the-floor, with live vocals and minimal overdubs or retakes.


Date Venue Time Sponsor
September 15, 2018 Cox & Palmer Blues Court 9:00PM