Artist Description

Dwayne Gretzky is a live music collective celebrating the greatest songs of all time. Transcending both era and genre, this prodigiously talented group of Toronto musicians captivates audiences with a masterfully curated tour of artists from both the classic and modern pop canon – from Bowie to Beyoncé, Springsteen to Spreas, The Supremes to the Strokes, and in the case of Harvest – The Tragically Hip. With tasteful precision, chameleonic versatility and a flair for the dramatic, Dwayne Gretzky will scratch your itch for all things Tragically Hip.

Boasting 100+ straight sold-out show in their hometown of Toronto and with venue capacities growing into the multiple-thousands, Dwayne Gretzky’s momentum is a testament to the band shattering conventions and re-defining what audiences want in a live music experience. For Harvest audiences looking to relive some magical Hip memories, they’ll be busting out their favorite songs from the Hip’s wild and electric canon. Better yet! Money raised from the show will go directly to the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fun (DWF) to help support the reconciliation process with the Indigenous peoples of this land through awareness, education, and action. Be part of the music and the legacy of Gord Downie at this year’s Harvest!





Date Venue Time Sponsor
September 13, 2018 Moose Light Blues Tent 11:59PM