Garrett Mason

Artist Description

Electric Blues

Truro, NS

Raised in Truro, Nova Scotia by his mother and legendary father, Dutch Mason, Garrett’s quest started at a very early age. Growing up around his father’s peers enabled him to learn from a wide variety of musical talent. The late great Rick Jeffery was a huge inspiration to Garrett; they would talk and play for hours together. Rick once said “Garrett is the only guitar player I know that can play Albert Collins’ style down to a T.” The combination of his father’s advice, Jeffery’s guidance and his own natural talents provide that special brew for Garrett to become the musical influence he is destined to be. Debut album I’m Just a Man won the Juno for Best Blues Album, and he’s been nominated for Maple Blues Awards almost every year since, winning many. Most would agree he’s one of the East Coast’s most talented bluesmen. The straight-up truth is that he’s actually one of North America’s most talented players, which has been confirmed by some of our biggest Harvest headliners over the years. Of course, to us, he’s an old friend and an artist you don’t ever want to miss!


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Fri 15 Sept TD Mojo Tent 8:00pm Bell Aliant Learn More Buy Tickets