Greg MacPherson

Artist Description


Winnipeg, MB

Polaris Music Prize nominated artist Greg MacPherson returns to Fredericton with his new project, Figure Walking. Built on MacPherson’s powerful songwriting, and the relentless backbone of Rob Gardiner’s drumming, this two piece have created a sound that is meaningful, unconventional and exciting. With 2017s The Big Other – a flawlessly cohesive debut, packed with clear-headed rock tracks – Figure Walking have provided an up-to-the-second, human response to an increasingly neoliberal world. These songs walk an inscrutable line between beauty and determination, capturing the imaginations of young and old alike. MacPherson is the new champion of a songwriting tradition stretching back to Woody Guthrie and including voices like Joe Strummer and Bruce Springsteen: Loud, passionate voices saying things about their place in all of this change. Having been a just-under-the-radar national treasure these past twenty years, we’re thrilled for Greg MacPherson to make his first trip to Harvest with one of his most exciting projects yet.


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Fri 15 Sept Toyota Barracks Tent 8:00pm Stingray Music Learn More Buy Tickets