Artist Description

Rich Aucoin has never been one to do things normally. You know the stories by now: How he biked across Canada (and back) – confirming the next night’s show from the green room of the venue he was currently sound-checking in. On that bike tour, he ran a half-marathon in every city, raised money, donated every cent to cancer research. You’ve heard how 2011’s We’re All Dying to Live features over 500 players. That his first EP, Personal Publication syncs up perfectly with How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 2014’s Ephemeral with The Little Prince. How every show features a custom video opening and a party under a parachute and at the end of that show, he puts his phone number up and you texted him. And probably hung out with him.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that when Aucoin’s computer was stolen on a surf trip in Costa Rica in 2016, along with it went every single recorded file for the new album. Gone. All but one completely finished new song which he had sent to his manager. That song was to be the first song of the album. It’s now the last song on the even newer album. And that album? He didn’t just start over – he made his best work ever: Spanning through electro-jungle variations to joyous and catchy orchestral pop.


Date Venue Time Sponsor
September 15, 2018 Atlantic Lottery Barracks Tent 11:00PM