Artist Description

Ross Neilsen has released ten albums and toured over one million kilometres from Canada to Mexico. He has been recognized by his peers with nominations from The Maple Blues awards, East Coast Music Awards, Music NB Awards and CBC Rising Star. In 2012 Neilsen was a semi finalist in Blues Challenge in Memphis. Although he is now raising his family in Saskatoon, you can still find Neilsen performing throughout Canada in a variety of concert styles. Be it with his solo show or power house band, Neilsen is still out there telling tall tales and melting faces with his signature finger style guitar displays and troubadour song stylings.


Date Venue Time Sponsor
September 11, 2018 TD Marquee Stage at The Playhouse 7:30PM
September 14, 2018 TD Mojo Tent 11:30PM
September 15. 2018 Cox & Palmer Blues Court 11:59PM