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Toronto, ON / Halifax, NS

It’s hard to believe that Sloan have been cranking out power pop hallmarks for over two decades and never played Harvest – until now! The Juno winners have long been heroes in their homeland, with an endless string of radio staples and a mythology around their live shows. Sloan is four distinct songwriting voices — guitarists Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson, bassist Chris Murphy and drummer Andrew Scott — that nonetheless form a cohesive collective. Their democratic songwriting style has spawned some of the most important albums of our time, including iconic records One Chord To Another and Twice Removed, which are perennially picked among the best-ever Canadian albums. Moreover, Sloan have inspired the next generation of power pop, while their success helped pave the way for others like Eric’s Trip and Joel Plaskett. Over the past twenty years, Sloan have become a household name in Canada, and we’re proud to share them with our audiences for the first time ever.


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Thur 14 Sept TD Mojo Tent 7:00pm 105.3FM The Fox Learn More Buy Tickets