Steven Page

Artist Description


Scarborough, ON

Steven Page’s distinctive voice is among the most instantly recognizable in Canadian music. Across his two decades at the helm of seminal band Barenaked Ladies, the singer songwriter was blessed with a myriad of international awards, while selling over twelve million albums worldwide. With the release of Heal Thyself, the long-awaited follow-up to 2010 debut solo album Page One, Steven has firmly established his own identity as a songwriting craftsman in the truest sense. In particular, his undying love of pop-rock is prominent as ever, as Heal Thyself continues his long tradition of marrying the sweet with the tart in a way that sounds deceptively palatable. Along with touring his band in support of this new album, Page has also been busy as a member of the The Trans-Canada Highwaymen, with Chris Murphy (Sloan), Moe Berg (The Pursuit Of Happiness) and Craig Northey (Odds). After wowing a reverent Fredericton Playhouse crowd in September of 2011, Page will bring both projects to Harvest 2017.


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Fri 15 Sept TD Mojo Tent 6:00pm Ginger Design Learn More Buy Tickets