The Honeyboys

Artist Description

Electric Blues

Saint John, NB

The Honeyboys are Grant Heckman (vocals, guitar), Fred Stilwell (keyboards), Terry Patterson (drums) and Mike Hanlon (bass). The band live and breathe The Blues, from original numbers to the Chicago greats, and with contemporary gems and reimagined, blues-ified songs sprinkled in. Fred Stilwell co-founded Saint John’s Southside Shuffle and was a member of Bluesfield Trio, having played with Dutch Mason and appeared on bills with Duke Robillard and Big Bill Morganfield. Terry Patterson drums with ECMA winners Theresa Malenfant & The Instigators, and has performed with Garrett Mason, Dutch Mason, Matt Andersen and Charlie A’Court. A fellow Instigator, Mike Hanlon has toured North America with a variety of artists, playing shows with icons such as Creedence Clearwater Revival and David Wilcox. Add in Grant Heckman, a Juno-nominated producer who has performed with artists such as Dan Aykroyd, Donnie Walsh (Mr. Downchild) and Avril Lavigne, and have yourself a blues rock institution.


Date Venue Time Sponsor Show Bio Tickets
Thur 14 Sept Cox and Palmer Blues Court 7:30pm Ramada Fredericton Learn More Buy Tickets