Artist Description

Roaring through bracing, high-octane performances since 1969, the band founded and
continuously steered by harmonica and guitar ace Donnie “Mr. Downchild” Walsh is
as vibrant today as when Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi were inspired by
Downchild for their brilliant Blues Brothers venture back in the 1970s. The pair elevated
Downchild’s “Shotgun Blues” and Walsh’s “(I Got Everything I Need) Almost” to smash
status on their 1978 Briefcase Full of Blues record.

Actually, the 2017 iteration of Downchild — with each member boasting a minimum of 20
years of service — might be the most electrifying yet. For proof, simply check out the
sextet’s towering, lid-lifting, juke-joint–jumping 18th studio album, Something I’ve Done,
a bona fide group effort and a sonic highlight in a 50-year career spilling over with them.


Date Venue Time Sponsor
September 14, 2018 TD Mojo Tent 9:30PM