The TransCanada Highwaymen


TD Mojo Tent

The TransCanada Highwaymen are a supergroup featuring four of Canada’s best ever songwriters, in Moe Berg (The Pursuit Of Happiness), Chris Murphy (Sloan), Craig Northey (Odds) and Steven Page (Ex-Barenaked Ladies). It was against the beige backdrop of the late 80s and early 90s that these talented players began fronting four of our nation’s most popular and commercially successful bands. Their unique perspectives on being catapulted from the hard working underground scene during one of Canada’s most exciting, transformative music eras is a story only they can tell. Filling out a traditional four-piece rock and roll band, The TransCanada Highwaymen power through their incredible collection of hit songs, like I’m An Adult Now/Hard to Laugh/She’s So Young (TPOH), Underwhelmed/Coax Me/The Other Man (SLOAN), It Falls Apart /Someone Who’s Cool/Make You Mad (Odds) and The Old Apartment/Brian Wilson/Jane (Ex-BNL).

19+ / $15.00

Show Details Time
Doors Open 11:00pm
Show Starts 11:30pm
The TransCanada Highwaymen 11:30pm