GARRETT MASON - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival : Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival


Artist Description

Garrett Mason is a true bluesman at heart. He was raised in Truro, Nova Scotia by his mother Pam, and father, veteran Canadian Bluesman Dutch Mason. His quest to become a blues musician started at a very early age; being surrounded by music blues music, Garrett’s favorite tapes at 3 years old were Canned Heat and Buddy Rich. What really sealed the deal for Garrett to become a blues guitarist came after watching a video of Stevie Ray Vaughn “Live At the El Mocambo” – he was hooked.


Date Venue Door Time Sponsor
September 13 The Ginger Agency Hoodoo House 7:00PM


7:30PM The Crossroad Devils
8:45PM Angelique Francis
10:00PM Garrett Mason
11:30PM Ben Racine Band