JOYFUL NOISE - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival : Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival


Artist Description

Joyful Noise is a Canadian rock/fusion band formed in 2015 and based in the maritime province of New Brunswick. It features Corey McNeill on guitar, Jason Berube on drums, and Camilo Villamizar on bass. They draw influence from a wide array of contemporary and foundation artists in the jazz, funk, and blues traditions, as well as style elements from rock, electronica, and pop culture. Joyful Noise‘s debut release “Cocoloco” (2018) was nominated Music New Brunswick Album of The Year and ECMA Instrumental Recording of The Year.


Date Venue Door Time Sponsor
September 12 Atlantic Lottery Barracks Tent 7:30PM


8:00PM Joyful Noise
9:00PM The Liquor Store
10:30PM Lemon Bucket Orkestra