THE LIQUOR STORE - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival : Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival


Artist Description

Opening its doors for the first time in 2011, the original members of the The Liquor Store Émile Farley (bass), Alex Francoeur (saxophone), Rémi Cormier (trumpet) and Félix Le Blanc (keyboards) presented a
fresh musical “tasting” by young and talented jazz fanatics. The loyal fanbase cheered the group’s release of its first E.P. “Hooked” in 2013, showcasing a flavourful blend of funk and R&B.

Since adding drummer Jean-Daniel Thibeault-Desbiens and guitarist Félix Blackburn in 2014, The Liquor Store has performed all across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick while promoting its groovy energy, especially through major events like the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2016 and 2017.


Date Venue Door Time Sponsor
September 12 Atlantic Lottery Barracks Tent 7:30PM


8:00PM Joyful Noise
9:00PM The Liquor Store
10:30PM Lemon Bucket Orkestra