THE NATIONAL RESERVE - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival : Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival


Artist Description

For nearly half a decade, The National Reserve has spent Friday nights lighting it up at Brooklyn bars, winning over fans with epic sets and a remarkable breadth of song-craft and showmanship. With their 2018 release on Ramseur Records, Motel La Grange, the band has crafted a rich and raucous collection that instantly places them among Americana’s finest with its force, directness, and performance not unlike some lost recording unearthed from the golden age of 70’s rock ‘n’ roll. Founded and fronted by singer-guitarist Sean Walsh, The National Reserve meld gutbucket R&B with New Orleans funk workouts, late night soul, and boozy rock ‘n’ roll to create their own timeless brand of music. The National Reserve is set to bring all the fun and fire of their fervent Friday night sets to the rest of the world, eager to pack as many folks into their late night scene as possible.


Date Venue Door Time Sponsor
September 12 Moose Light Blues Tent 7:30PM


8:00PM The National Reserve
9:30PM Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit

September 12 The Ginger Agency Hoodoo House 7:00PM


7:30PM Dan Doiron Band
9:00PM The Rusty Mikes
11:00PM The National Reserve