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Artist Description

“I’ve always loved the combination of things that are really beautiful and things that are really dark or heavy. There’s a lot of that on this album.”

So says Jake Smith, singer, songwriter, guitarist and sole charter member of the White Buffalo. He’s assessing his new album Love And The Death of Damnation, the most impressive manifestation to date of the richly evocative songcraft that’s established Smith as a singular creative force.

Over the course of five albums, various EPs, and numerous prominent placements in such high-profile outlets as TV’s Sons of Anarchy and Californication, Smith has built a powerful body of work that marks him as a genuine original. The California-bred artist writes timeless, vividly detailed character studies, tapping into the emotional lives of various misfits, outsiders and troubled souls with insight and compassion. His songwriting is matched by his rough-hewn, deeply expressive voice, and by his distinctive instrumental arrangements, which are simultaneously intimate and epic.


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September 13 TD Mojo Tent 5:30PM


6:00PM The White Buffalo