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General Questions

When is the 2019 Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival?

The 2019 Festival will run September 10-15, 2019.

I’ve never been to Harvest—what should I expect?

One of the calling cards of Harvest is the exceptional maritime hospitality we provide to patrons and artists alike. Our biggest venues only hold a couple thousand people, so you are able to see world-class musicians in an intimate venue full of friendly folks. Want to get right up to the front of the stage and rock out, mere feet away from your favourite band? It’s easier than you think when you’re at Harvest! Our audiences are a fleece-wearing, beer drinking, music loving kind of crowd whose enthusiasm blows our artists away and brings out the best performance in them. Harvest means a week of letting loose, taking in tunes, and having one hell of a time!

Where does the Festival take place?

Generally, in the heart of downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick. Less generally, we have 20 different stages, including four marquee tent venues, The Playhouse (soft-seat theatre), and many downtown bars and restaurants are partner venues as well. Basically, you’d be hard-pressed to visit downtown during Harvest and not hear great live music everywhere you go!

Where can I see a full Festival schedule?

The full schedule is available here!

Where can I buy official Harvest merchandise?

Shirts, sweaters, hats and other great Harvest swag are available prior to the Festival at the Harvest Store (408 Queen Street), and during the Festival at the Harvest Store and inside of our venues. Staff at the Store can also help you with any Harvest questions you might have. They’re nice people. Don’t be shy.

I just heard a killer band on the Harvest stage, and I want to buy their album! Where can I find it?

We sell artist CDs and merch in the tents during their shows. Beyond that, Backstreet Records and Sunrise Records are great, locally operated music stores located on Queen Street and Regent Street respectively, just beyond the Festival footprint. They could surely help you with your music purchasing needs. Please note: We DO NOT sell artist merchandise or CDs at the Harvest Store.

I need beer money! Are there ATMs on site?

There are ATMs located inside the Blues Tent, the Mojo Tent and Barracks Tent. There are also multiple banks downtown within the Festival footprint. The ATMs do not dispense beer tokens though, so make sure you buy those before standing in line at the bar!

I successfully got my beer money, and had a really great night, but now I can’t find my phone/wallet/camera/pants. What do I do?

First, maybe try to keep your pants on in our venues. But it’s too late for that now, so try our Volunteer Control Centre located in the Wilmot United Church. If the Festival is already over (and you still haven’t found your pants), the leftover lost and found items are kept at Harvest Central at 408 Queen Street for a few months before being donated to charity.

Ticket and Pass Questions

When and where do tickets and passes go on sale?

2019 Tickets & Passes are available here!

Well, the Ultimate sold out and I didn’t get one. So I’m pretty much out of luck, right?

No!! It’s hard to predict year-to-year when Ultimates will sell out, but they do. Once they do, well, yes, you’ve made a mistake, but you still have options. Nightly Passes are often still available after Ultimates sell out, and even once those are gone, there’s always tickets on sale. And, even when a show is sold out, there’s hope. Have a look at the next question.

What if a show is sold out—can I still get in with my pass?

Yes, having an Ultimate or Nightly pass means you are guaranteed admission to the venues, even if tickets are sold out. We have lots of crazy complicated algorithms to figure out our capacities, making sure there’s enough room for you to groove to the tunes without being crammed in like sardines.

What if a show is sold out, and I don’t have a ticket or pass, BUT I really, really want to see it?

We always put a limited number of tickets on sale at the door, even for sold out shows. These go on sale the minute doors open (varies by show, check the Schedule). If the show is in particularly high demand, you may want to come early to line-up.

What if a show is NOT sold out, but I don’t have a ticket yet? Can I buy them at the door?

Absolutely, no problem! Heads up: door sales are card only, so bring your debit or credit card along.

How do I pick up my Ultimate/Nightly Pass?

Bring your confirmation email or ticket kiosk voucher and a piece of photo ID with you to get your pass. You can pick it up at Harvest Central (408 Queen Street). Please note that you must redeem your confirmation email for a pass prior to attending your first show.

What do I do with my print-at-home tickets and passes?

Your print-at-home ticket works in the same way as any other ticket you would purchase. The printed tickets will be accepted at the door of the event you are attending. If, however, you printed off a pass voucher (Ultimate or Nightly), you will have to redeem that voucher to receive your pass THEN you can get into shows. Please see above for instructions on how to do so.

Are there any discounted prices for students?

The all-ages Barracks Tent has a line-up that is specifically geared toward a younger crowd, so all evening shows at that venue are offered with a discounted student rate. There are also student ticket packages available, though some of them include 19+ shows as well as all-ages, so be careful if you’re buying under the legal drinking age.

Are there any free shows at the Festival?

Of course! We have a wealth of free programming and even a few completely free venues! In fact, The Officers’ Square Stage, Stage, King’s Place Stage, Lawn Chair Acoustic Blues and Fredericton’s Own Stage (in front of City Hall) all feature free shows with up-and-coming Fredericton artists throughout the weekend. The Barracks Tent hosts our highly popular Stingray Rising Star Competition on the Friday of the Festival, and Harvest also features free workshops at the Fredericton Public Library.

Can I Bring…?

My camera?

That depends on the kind of camera.  Does it have a big professional/SLR lens? Please don’t bring it. Does it fit in your pocket (like a little point-and-shoot)? You’re probably safe. If it’s primarily your phone, but functions as a camera too? You’re golden – we’re not going to take your phone away. How would you live-tweet what an awesome time you’re having?  Some artists (especially the big guys) request ABSOLUTELY NO photography, so we sometimes have to be stricter than others – especially in the Blues Tent. So keep that in mind!


Most of our venues are 19+, but minors are welcome at free shows, all of which are all-ages, and there is a completely family-friendly venue at Officers’ Square. Additionally, Harvest presents Congo Square on Saturday morning, which is a family event specifically geared toward children. For the slightly older children who aren’t of legal drinking age, all shows in the Barracks are wet/dry for the all-ages crowd. Minors older than 2 are also allowed to attend Playhouse shows, and the EARLY shows at the Blues and Mojo Tents (that is to say, the ones that start around supper time), as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Please note: even when accompanied by parent/legal guardian, anyone under the age of 19 will NOT be permitted to enter our 19+ shows.

Seating (such as lawn chairs)?

We ask that you don’t bring your own seats into the tented venues. We will have bleachers, picnic tables and other seating available at most venues. However, lawn chairs ARE permitted at the free Officers’ Square Stage shows at at Lawn Chair Acoustic Blues in the Barracks.


No dice. Outside beverages are not permitted in the venues, and will be confiscated at the door. The Festival reserves the right to check bags at the entrances, so to avoid delays, please do not try to bring outside beverages in. At all our 19+ venues, we have stocked bars with a selection of beer, wine, liquor, and coolers, as well as some non-alcoholic drinks and energy drinks. You can buy multiple drink tokens for discounted prices, prior to or during the Festival.


Food cannot be brought into the venues (some medical exceptions apply). Each venue has at least one food vendor set up inside the tent, and there are lots of food vendors on the Queen Street closure, as well as a number of restaurants in the downtown area. We promise you won’t go hungry. No need for a bagged lunch.


No, pets are not permitted on Festival grounds, unless for seeing-eye purposes.

Selfie Sticks?

While we appreciate a good selfie as much as the next person, selfie sticks are not permitted in our venues.

Visitor Info

Welcome to Fredericton!

Each September, thousands of people pour into the beautiful and historic downtown of Fredericton, New Brunswick to have an unforgettable experience at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival. We’re so glad you’re thinking of joining us for the entertainment highlight of the year. Here’s some information that can help out-of-towners plan their trip.

I’m coming from out of town. Where can I stay?

Please visit www.tourismfredericton.ca for a listing of hotels in the Fredericton area. There are many hotels on our ANBL Park & Ride route (see below), including Delta Fredericton, Lakeview Inn, Comfort Inn, Howard Johnson, Fredericton Inn and Hampton Inn. Please note, there are no campgrounds in operation during the Festival, and downtown hotels that are within walking distance fill up about six months in advance of the Festival, so plan early!

I’m coming from out of town. Where should I eat?

Our friends at Fredericton Tourism also have a listing of restaurants in the area please visit their site for a complete listing. There are many restaurants around the Festival site—from fine dining, to pub food, to a spectrum of ethnic offerings—there’s something for everyone’s palate. The Festival also provides vendors on the streets and in the venues to satisfy your cravings, including a mix of street meat, munchies, pizza, and traditional maritime offerings. Whatever you’re looking for—you certainly won’t go hungry!

How do I get to Fredericton for Harvest?

Flying: The Fredericton Airport is about 15km from downtown, so it’s a relatively reasonable cab ride away. Most flights to and from the Fredericton Airport connect through Montreal, Toronto, and Halifax.

Driving from the US: Fredericton in less than an hour past the Houlton, Maine border up the I-95. It’s approximately 3 hours drive from Bangor, 5 hours from Portland and 6 ½ hours from Boston.

Driving from within Canada: Fredericton is 2 ½ hours from Charlottetown, 4 hours from Halifax, 4 hours from the Quebec border and 8 hours from Montreal. And of course, the Transcanada Highway is the way to go!

I’m in Fredericton, how do I to get to Harvest?

The Festival takes place in three city blocks, so everything you’d want to see is easily within walking distance. If you’re staying at one of our partner hotels, we offer ANBL Safe Ride, a free shuttle to and from downtown each night of the Festival—sometimes as often as every 20 minutes. There is very limited parking available downtown, and it can get pretty congested, especially at Festival time, so even if you are not staying at a hotel, we highly recommend using the 2019 ANBL Safe Ride Program. Click here for a complete schedule.

How do I use the ANBL Safe Ride?

Park your car in the Delta parking lot and catch a ride on a bus that runs downtown every 20 minutes. This runs from 3pm-3am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ANBL Safe Ride also makes a separate run to many southside hotels – including Lakeview Inn, Comfort Inn, Howard Johnson, Fredericton Inn and Amsterdam Inn – and to the Student Union Building on campus. More info available here.


When in doubt, stop someone and ask directions! We’re friendly folks here in Fredericton and won’t mind pointing you on your way!